International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology HEC Recognized in “Y” category ISSN:2223-957X

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International Journal of Economic and Environment Geology (IJEEG)

Published by
Society of Economic Geologists and Mineral Technologists (SEGMITE)
Department of Geology, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Instructions for Author (IFA)

1. General: This journal publishes original and review research articles as full paper or short communication. In principle, the maximum acceptable length of the manuscript must not exceed 10 pages including text and references.

2. Submission of Manuscripts: Manuscript typed in WORD along with the figures (JPEG, TIFF) and tables (which can be reduced in size or their captions modified) as separate files should be sent by E-mail to Chief Editor or Managing Editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it A PDF copy of the manuscript embedded with figures and tables at their positions to be published in the final version should also be sent.
3. Format: Journal is published in English. Manuscripts should be typed (10 font size in Times New Roman) in 1.5 space with all margins of at least 3 cm, using one side of an A4 size page (21.0 x 29.7 cm). The standard order for the submitted material is Title Page, Abstract, Keywords, Text, Acknowledgement, References, Figures and Tables with their captions. Title page should comprise the title of the paper, first name (s) and surname (s) given in full and middle name in abbreviation (if any). The name(s) of institution(s) with its mailing address should be provided along with the E-mail address of corresponding author.

4. Text: Three levels of headings can be used in the text. The pattern for headings should be - (left, bold and 11 font size), subheadings (left, bold and 10 font size) and sub-sub headings (left bold, italics and 10 font size). Paper title (center, bold, 12 font size and in title case). Author name (center, bold, 11 font size and in title case). Author(s) address (center, 10 font size and in sentence case). Abstract (left, less than 250 words in 10 font size and without paragraph break). Main headings in the manuscript should include Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement and References. All these headings should be bold, left and 11 font in size.

5. References: References in the text should be quoted as author and year e.g. single author (Bain, 1971) two authors (Qureshi and Sultana, 2000) and three or more authors (Morgan et al., 2002) and listed alphabetically in full in the reference list. A brief Abstract including the Keywords must be included in research paper. For Short Communication, no abstract is required.

6. Figures and Tables: All figures and tables should be sufficiently clear and large enough to be easily readable after size reduction. Tables should be on separate pages. Each Figure and Table should have a short and precise caption.

7. Journal Reference: Kakar, N., Kakar, D. M., Khan, A. S., Khan, S. D. (2016). Land Subsidence Caused by Groundwater Exploitation in Quetta Valley, Pakistan. Int. j. econ. environ. geol., 7(2), 10-19.

8. Book Reference: Kerr, P. F. (1972). Optical Mineralogy. 4th edition, Mc Graw-Hill, New York, USA, 492p.

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10. Article Published in Proceedings: Mc Divitt, J. F. (1994). Economic evaluation in exploration and development of mineral projects. In Proceedings Second SEGMITE Int. Conf. Industrial Minerals. V. Husain, A. A. Khan and Q. Huda (eds.), Karachi, Pakistan, 223p.

11. Abstract Published in Abstract Volume: Khan, A., Husain, V. (2013). Sources of arsenic pollution in Holocene alluvial aquifers of Tando Muhammad Khan district, Sindh, Pakistan. In Abstract Volume, SEGMITE International Conference on Water, Mineral and Energy Resources, Karachi, Pakistan, p15.