International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology HEC Recognized in “Y” category ISSN:2223-957X

Current Issue Vol.8(3) Jul - Sep, 2017
Table of Content
  GIS Based Morphometric Analysis of Bori-Chikli Watershed of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India.
Sujit S. Shimpi V. M. Rokade.

  River Profile Analysis to Identify Active Tectonic Imprints in Rossenna Watershed, Northern Apennines, Italy.
Saima Siddiqui.

  Water Quality Assessment and Hydrochemistry of Shallow Groundwater in Bhara Kahu area, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Anwar Qadir, Alwina Farooq, Tahseenullah Khan, Muhammad Zafar, Asif Javed.

  Geoelectrical Survey for the Exploration of Ground Water using Vertical Electrical Sounding: A Case Study of Androt District Rawlakot, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Mehboob ur Rashid, Sohail Anwar, Syed Ali Abbas, Waqas Ahmad.

  Petrophysical and Geochemical Analysis of Chichali Formation for the Source Rock Evaluation: A Case Study of Chanda-01 Well, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan
Muhammad Raiees Amjad, Muhammad Saqib Hameed, Muhammad Mujtaba, Muhammad Nofal Munir.

  Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Evaluation Utilizing 2-D Seismic Data and Wireline Logs of Bijnot-01 Well, Fort Abbas Field, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan.
Muhammad Adnan Khan, Hamad-ur-Rahim, Syed Waqas Haider, Waqar Ahmad.

  Landslide Hazard Mapping of Bagh District in Azad Kashmir
Sadaf Javed.

  Petrography of Jutana Dolomite: Implications for Geotechnical Utility.
Mustafa Yar, Umer Jabbar Khan, Mian Gulzeb Joya, Muhammad Saqib Javed.

  Standards of Wastewater Reuse/Disposal in KSA: Reconsideration
Omar S. Aburizaiza, Gohar A. Mahar
  Short Communication
  Suitability Analysis of Groundwater for Eco-friendly Agricultural Growths in Food Basket of Pakistan
Yawar Hussain, Adil Dilawar, Abdul Q. Aslam, Muhammad B. Hussain, Frederic Satge, Gulraiz Akhter, Hussain M. Hussain, Hernan Martinez-Carvajal, Martin Cárdenas-Soto