International Journal of Economic and Environmental Geology HEC Recognized in “Y” category ISSN:2223-957X

Current Issue Vol.7(2) Jul - Dec, 2016
Table of Content
  Regionwide Geodynamic Analyses of the Cenozoic Carbonate Burial in Sri Lanka Related to Climate and Atmospheric CO2.
Amila Sandaruwan Ratnayake.

  Land Subsidence Caused by Groundwater Exploitation in Quetta Valley, Pakistan
Najeebullah Kakar, Din Mohammad Kakar, Abdul Salam Khan, Shuhab D. Khan.

  Impact of Rain Water Infiltration on the Stability of Earth Slopes
Muhammad Farooq Ahmed, Xin Kang, Muhammad Saleem Khan.

  Spatial and Seasonal Studies of Sedimentological and Neoichnological Characteristics from Mangrove areas of Karachi, Pakistan
Noor Us Saher, Naureen Aziz Qureshi, Asmat Saleem.

  Spatial and Temporal Changes in Salinity of Arable Lands in Shah Bandar Tehsil, Thatta District, Sindh
Shella Bano, Viqar Husain, Ghulam Murtaza, Salman Zubair, Syed Waseem Haider.

  Comparative Analysis of Water Quantity and Quality in Relation to Vegetation Cover in Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests of Galliyat.
Asif Javed, Adnan Saleem Khan, Anwar Qadir, Salman Khan, Salim Shehzad.

  Assessment of Groundwater Resources in Kirana Hills Region, Rabwah, District Chiniot, Pakistan
Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Rashida Sultana, Maria Salahuddin, Jaleed S. Ahmad .

  Evaluation of Reservoir Characteristics of Well Kot-Sarang-2, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan Using Geophysical Logs
Syed Waqas Haider, Hamad Ur Rahim, Hamza Afzal.

  Diagenetic Setting, Dolomitization and Reservoir Characterization of Late Cretaceous Kawagarh Formation, Khanpur Dam Section, Hazara, Pakistan
Maqsood Ur Rahman,  Fahad Ali, Muhammad Hayat.

  Mesoscopic Structures can give Insights to the Regional Ones –An Example of Pumpelly’s Rule from a part of Kala-Chitta Range near Kahi Village, Nizampur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan: An Insight into Economic Geology
Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Ishaq, Naveed Akhtar, Muhammad Haroon, Suleman Khan.